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Charmed by Narah's Voice

One of the best "Indian" voices in Europe: Narah. She began studying Indian music with teachers Sangheeta Chatterjei and Savitry Nayre; she then specialized in Benares and Madras with Mangala Tiwari (Kial style), Sir Sitarama Sharma (Karnatic), Amelia Cuni (Drupad style), Ugwal Bhole (singing and Natuvanar). Until 1992 she sang in the choir of Bach Academy directed by Carlos Gubert. She performed Indian music and dance as well: "Bharat Natyam dances" with the dancer Nurya Sala and percussionist Federico Senesi; From the light of Bharata Natyam to the fire of Flamenco" with Nuria Sala, Ugwal Bhole (dancers), Federico Senesi and Steve James. She recorded two Cds, "Jaya" and "Tantra - Life is here"

Narah in concert

The cover of "Tantra-Life is here", 1998
An American - Venetian group

"TANTRA - LIFE IS HERE" is a musical project by:
Bebo Baldan (composer, drums; Venice),
David Torn (guitar),
Max Ambassador (poet & rapper, Los Angeles),
Narah (voice & dance; Padova),
Rino Zinno (keyboards; Venice),
Stephen James (sitar; New York).

The Cd was recorded in Venice and New York, arranged by Bebo Baldan.
Samples advisers: Rino Zinno & Luca Fabbro.
Artistic producer: Bebo Baldan
Executive producer: Terrazza Mare, Jesolo (Venice)

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