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Venice Biennale Dance - Venezia Biennale Danza

The 6th International Festival of Contemporary Dance by the Venice Biennale will this year "talk about" beauty: with performances, workshops, meetings and a video installation accompanying the event, running from 14th to 29th June in Venice. With Beauty, the title of the Festival, director Ismael Ivo extends his research on the body, which characterised the preceding editions, and creates a new current for exchange between dance and the contemporary world.
The symposium opening the Festival (14th June, Corderie dell'Arsenale) will gather dancers and choreographers, scholars, writers and journalists. Alongside choreographers Frédéric Flamand, Stephen Petronio, Michela Lucenti, Ismael Ivo, there will be Germaine Greer (the controversial writer of The Female Eunuch), David Michalek (artist and photographer), Loredana Lipperini (essayist, writer and internet journalist), and Jeffrey Stewart (professor of Black Studies at the University of California).
The Prague-born Jirí Kylián, the creative spirit of the Nederlands Dans Theater, will be awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Festival. The awards ceremony will be held on 17th June at the Teatro Malibran in Venice. 

Biennale Dance   "Beauty"
14 - 29 June 2008 

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Beauty Symposium
Meetings and lectures
Entrance to the Corderie – Arsenale
14 June, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
David Michalek (USA)
Slow Dancing [European premiere] video-installation
Entrance to the Corderie – Arsenale
14 > 29 June, 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. (closed on 18 and 23 June)
Ballet National de Marseille (France)
Métamorphoses [Italian premiere]
Teatro alle Tese – Arsenale
14 > 16 June, 8 p.m.
15 June, 10 p.m.
Bonachela Dance Company (UK)
Square Map of Q4 [Italian premiere]
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
14 June, 10 p.m.
15 June, 8 p.m.
Stephen Petronio Dance Company (USA)  
Beauty and the Brut / Bloom / This is the Story of a Girl in a World [Italian premiere]
Teatro Malibran
15 June, 6:00 p.m.
17 June, 7:30 p.m.
Balletto Civile (Italy)
Creatura [world premiere]
Teatro alle Vergini - Arsenale
16 > 17 June, 10 p.m.
Choreographic Collision Part 2
Presentation of the choreographic research workshop
Telecom Italia Future Centre
19 > 20 June, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
24 > 25 June, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
The Francesca Harper Project (USA)
The Fragile Stone Theory 2K8 / Interactive Feast [world premiere]
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
19 June, 10 p.m.
20 June, 8 p.m.
Ballet Preljocaj (France)
Larmes Blanches / Eldorado (Sonntags-Abschied) [Italian premiere]
Teatro Malibran
20 June, 8 p.m.
21 June, 6 p.m.
Wayne McGregor - Random Dance (UK)
Entity [Italian premiere]
Teatro alle Tese - Arsenale
20 June, 10 p.m.
21 > 22 June, 10 p.m.
Letizia Renzini (Italy)
La bambola di carne [world premiere]
Teatro alle Vergini - Arsenale
21 > 22 June, 10 p.m.
Susanne Linke (Germany)
Schritte verfolgen II – reconstruction [Italian premiere]
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
24 > 25 June, 10 p.m.
Alonzo King's LINES Ballet (USA)
Rasa [Italian premiere] / Irregular Pearl [Italian premiere]
Teatro alle Tese – Arsenale
26 > 27 > 28 June, 8 p.m.
Spellbound Dance Company (Italy)  
Don Giovanni – Il gioco di Narciso [world premiere]
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
28 June, 6 p.m.
29 June, 8 p.m.
Pneuma Dance Theater (Italy)
Chain of Feathers [world premiere]
Teatro alle Vergini - Arsenale
28 > 29 June, 10 p.m.

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