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Latest Tide forecast

The above graph is the last forecast of the Centro Maree for the high tide (acqua alta).


Ciao. Your membership lets you to access the full articles of the BUONGIORNO VENEZIA weekly newsletter and offers "extras", inside stories, art exhibit previews, and discount coupons from local Venetian and Italian merchants. If you've got friends who love Venice, too, just forward this message to them so they can join the club... and share the benefits.> Spread the News!

Ponte di Rialto


* Define "free ride": kids count, accountants can't
* Traffic des carts (I think, therefore I jam)
* The warp of woof: save me, Fido!
* Museums boarded


NEWS - If you think that 6.50 euros is "a little too much" for a vaporetto (waterbus) ride, here are two bits of related news. 1. Children under six ride free, now that the Municipality has raised the age limit from two years to six. 2. There's no free ride for the managers and accountants at ACTV, the public transit company, who seem to have overlooked sixty thousand euros that a young counter clerk is accused of having kept for herself over the past six months. It is not an indication of good financial oversight, since this is the twentieth counter employee to be  charged with fraud, though for different amounts and varying reasons. You may remember that, last year, we reported that several clerks were charged with giving tourists incorrect change.

NEWS - The Lido has its own authorised beach vendors -- a real novelty for the island -- and they have to respect certain restrictions. Their "shops" are carts (propelled manually or electrically) and, while they sell virtually anything, ice cream is in first place. Some sunbathers are happy with it; some are disturbed. It seems that their presence contradicts existing regulations. Newly authorised beach vendors are forbidden to remain in the same spot for more than two hours and must leave enough room for the public to get past them, but some of the carts are quite large (4 x 3 metres), so something has to be reviewed more thoroughly.

NEWS - Though the beach-side vendor carts are being tried in other Italian beach resorts, as well, there is one experiment that is an absolute novelty for Italy. An agreement that coordinates professional life savers, the Coast Guard, and the School for Canine Life Savers, fifteen dogs are being "employed" on the beaches of Caorle (some 40 km from Venice). Dog lovers (and those not so enamored) will enjoy the company of Terranovas, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers along the beach between between Falconera and Porto Santa Margherita.

NEWS - The Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani, which coordinates activities at the eleven Civic Museums, has nominated it new Board of Directors: architect Emilio Ambasz (originally from Argentina; he designed the new hospital in Mestre, Venice); Carlo Fratta Pasini, president of a financial banking group (Banco Popolare); David Landau and Sandro Parenzo, former presidents.



See the webcam over the Calatrava Bridge  and the other active webcams of Venice clicking here

Some images may not be available: we are not operating the webcams and are not responsible for them.

Let us remind you...

  Scheduled strikes:  September 2010:

9 September 2010 (Rome airports: 4 hrs from 12 noon to 4pm

20 September 2010: Alitalia-CAI and Air One airlines 24 hrs; Meridiana airlines 4 hrs from 12 noon to 4 pm;

25 September 2010: national train strike, 24 hrs from 9 pm of 25 Sept to 9 pm of 26 Sept. 
30 September 2010: flight controllers in Padua, 4 hrs 12 noon-4 pm

City-by-city guide to some of Italy's CURRENT Top Art Exhibitions:

COMO - Villa Olmo: Pieter Paul Rubens, 25 works plus 40 by painters of his circle including Van Dyck, Jordaens, Thulden; until 25 July 2010:

FLORENCE - Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti: Caravaggio and Caravaggeschi in Florence, 100 works including two recently attributed to the master; until 10 October.2010

- Accademia and Horne Museum: Virtues of Love, 40 Florentine Renaissance paintings celebrating wedded bliss, from Italian and foreign museums; until 1 November 2010.

GENOA - Villa del Principe reopens: 80 landscapes in the Doria Pamphilij collections including Caravaggio's Rest on the Flight into Egypt; until 26 September 2010

MILAN - Palazzo Reale: Rome and China, The Two Empires: until 5 September 2010.

POMPEII - Entrance to site: exhibition on city's final day on 24 August, AD 79; scale of destruction; history of digs; current risks from Vesuvius; present show until August 2010

ROME - MAXXI: the  new contemporary art museum's opening exhibit; until 30 June 2010.
- Musei Capitolini: The Age of Conquest: The Lure of Greek Art in Rome; until 5 September 2010.
- Palazzo Venezia: Renaissance Sculpture; until 5 September 2010.

ROVERETO - MART: American Art 1850-1960, 100 works from the Phillips Collection in Washington; until 26 September 2010.
TIVOLI - Villa Adriana: Show charting rise and fall of Hadrian's Villa; dozens of artefacts returned from collections around the world; until 1 November 2010.

TURIN - Fondazione Merz: Mario Merz, Pageantry of Painting; until 26  September 2010.

UDINE - Castello: Giambattista Tiepolo, 20 engravings and 30 other works; until 31 October 2010.

  Another fancy videogame set in Venice, Italy, the 15th century during the Renaissance... and the Big Plague. The Ubi Soft graphics is able to display very realistic scenes of both situations. But part two of Assassin's Creed is more interested in showing cruelty and adventure at the times of the Crusades: it is a game, after all...
For the lovers of the genre, the sequel of the lucky videogame  Assassin's Creed I is available here at Amazon.

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