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Join the VeniceWord Club

Membership in the VeniceWord Club gives you access to the full articles of the BUONGIORNO VENEZIA weekly newsletter plus "extras", inside stories, art exhibit previews, and discount coupons from local Venetian and Italian merchants. Every issue will feature a different picture of Venice (for non-commercial use), and some will be available as free wallpaper to use as background imagery on your computer desktop.
The price of the subscription for the year 2017 is 15,00 euros, (still and unbelievably 10,00 euros only for existing members of the VWClub only)  but it's worth much more.
Any extra support to our activities will be blessed :)

Stay in touch with goings-on in Venice! Join the Club.


Paying with Paypal is easy and safe: all you need is a valid credit card and/or a Paypal account. Just click the "Donate" button below, and the link will take you to the sign-up page. All you have to do is enter an amount or ten euros (or more), log in to your PayPal account (or set one up using the "Continue" link in the lower left). Thank you, in advance, for your support
PLEASE NOTE: The yearly subscription expires on the last day of the  year. No refunds are available for late subscriptions, as members can access also the previous issues in the subscription period.


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