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Years ago, while browsing the new subscriptions to our weekly newsletter BUONGIORNO VENEZIA, we noticed an "Imboden" entry. Yes, Durant Imboden, well-known freelance travel writer.
We are sure you will enjoy his travel websites the way we did:
Europe for Visitors and Venice for Visitors, with precious tips for the travellers.
So enjoy his outstanding work. Then come back to our site for the latest news and updates! :)

<<< HINT: Don't be taken aback by the compact size of the book "Italy, Instructions for Use: The Personal, On-Site Assistant for the Enthusiastic but Inexperienced Traveler". It's a useful guide to Italy and especially Venice. The book is worth more than its weight in gold with its treasure trove of practical tips on coping with the puzzles of everyday experiences in Europe's most alluring country. Whether you're Italy-bound for the first time or a seasoned Italia traveler, slip this enlightening gem of a book into your carry-on bag and refer to it often.

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