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glass Christmas tree in murano, venice

Christmas tree made in Murano glass, by Cenedese



This gorgeous Christmas tree was enlightened in the Murano island on December 8th 2006. It  is an artwork created by Simone Cenedese.  

The opening of Venetian Christmas celebrations was transmitted live from the island of Murano on Friday 8 December by RAI (the Italian state broadcasting company) and featured the inauguration of the tallest glass tree in the world, which qualified for the Guinness Book of Records. The tree, seven and a half metres tall, was built by glass master Simone Cenedese; it weighs three tons and has, as ballast, a five hundred kilo base. It's made with 2,000 iron sticks, 1,000 glass pipes, and 5,000 bolts.

See more pictures and the video of the tree on the site . It will be displayed on the island of Murano in Campo S. Stefano until Epiphany and then will be moved into the Murano Glass Museum.




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