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The present bridge was built in the 16th century. On the top of the bridge there are two rows of shops, a total of 24 shops. At the foot of the bridge: on the left the 16th century Palazzo dei Savi; on the right a 16th century Renaissance style palace, Palazzo dei Camerlenghi (exchequers). Originally, Rialto was the name given to all the island on which the city was built. It established itself from the centre of trade for the inhabitants of the lagoon. People used to cross the canal in this point using a ships bridge, until a wooden bridge was built. Then the Venetian Republic held a competition for the designing of a new stone structure. Antonio da Ponte, proposed a single arch spanning 48m. It was built in 1592.

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The Rialto Bridge is in a strategic position: in the very center of the city of Venice and may be the starting point of nearly all your itineraries. It is 5-10 minutes walking distance from St.Mark's Square; it is not far from the theaters (Teatro La Fenice, Teatro Goldoni); it has a boat stop and a gondola stazio ("stop"); and there is no lack of venues, shops,  restaurants and hotels.

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