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main regattas in venice italy and its lagoon

There are many rowing associations in Venice. Besides the Historical Regatta (on the first Sunday of September),  from April to October Venice and its lagoon  host a number of regattas "Venetian row style" (voga alla veneta). Most regattas are an historical tradition, related to popular and religious feasts; rowing is one of the few occasions to practise sports in Venice, and also to get to know the city from a different perspective admiring the fascinating  architecture of the palazzi and the natural environment of the lagoon.

Please note:  Annual dates follow tradition, we are not responsible for program variations not forwarded to us

  • March: "Women Regatta" Only for women - South Lagoon +39.041.5222055
  • April: Palio di San Marco
  • April 25th: "Regata del Bocolo" - In front of Arsenale +39.041.5222055
  • May 1st: "Regata dei Fortini" - South Lagoon +39.041.5287409
  • May: "Match Race" - Arsenale's Basin +39.041.5242110
  • May: "Palio Remiero delle Contrade di Cavallino-Treporti" - Cavallino-Treporti +39.041.5222055
  • May: "Regata di Mestre" - Mestre, Canal Salso +39.041.2747735
  • May: "Vogalonga" 32 kms - Venice Lagoon +39.041.5210544
  • May: "Regata delle Saline" North Lagoon +39.041.5242110
  • June: "Regata della Sensa" St Mark's Basin - Lido +39.041.2747735
  • June: "Regata di Sant'Erasmo" Only for women Sant'Erasmo island +39.041.2747735
  • June: "Regata di SS Giovanni and Paolo" For young +39.041.2747735
  • June: "Regatta Chioggia-Venezia" Sailing regatta +39.041.5231927
  • July: "San Pellegrino Cooking Cup" Saling and Cooking Lagoon and St Mark's Basin +39.041.5200884
  • July: "Regata di Murano" Murano island +39.041.2747735
  • July: "Regata di Campana island" South Lagoon +39.041.5222055
  • July: "Regata di Malamocco" Lido island +39.041.2747735
  • July: "Regata del Redentore - Redeemer Regatta" Giudecca's Canal +39.041.2747735
  • August: "Regata di Pellestrina" Pellestrina island +39.041.2747735
  • September: "Regata Storica - Historical Regatta" The oldest regatta - Grand Canal +39.041.2747735
  • September: "Regata Lui e Lei" The most romantic regatta Lido island +39.041.5242110
  • September: "Regata di Burano" Burano island +39.041.2747735
  • November: "Vogada delle Castagne" Venice Lagoon +39.041.5242110

Some more notes:

Palio di San Marco (April) - 6 regattas: "sandoli 4 remi donne", "valesana 1 remo", "pupparini 2 remi giovanissimi", "mascarete 2 remi uomini", "gondole 4 remi uomini", "gondolini 2 remi", "caorline 6 remi".

Vogalonga (last Sunday of May). Any row boat is admitted. It is the most colourful and cheerful "regatta": it is better to call it a non competitive 32 km  "sea marathon": about one thousand boats amd 3 thousand rowers from all over the world take part to it every year. The meeting point is the St.mark's Basin in the morning.

Regata di Mestre (third Sunday of May) Caorline a sei remi. (six rows caorline). The best champions take part to this regatta, along Canale delle Navi to Canale di S. Secondo, Canale di S. Giuliano and Canal Salso - the ancient water route connecting Venezia and its mainland Mestre.

Regata della Sensa (1st Sunday of June) Gondole a quattro remi (4 rows gondolas) . From St.Mark's Basin to the Temple of  S. Nicolò, Lido island. This Regatta recalls the annual Festa della Sensa (Feast of Ascension) with the ceremony of  "lo sposalizio del mare" when the Doge, heading a boat procession with the fabulous Bucintoro,  "married" the sea.

Regata di Sant'Erasmo (2nd Sunday of June). Mascarete a due remi (2 rows mascarete) for women, pupparini a due remi (2 rows pupparini) for men and youngsters 13-18. The route is around the island of Sant'Erasmo.

Regata di SS. Giovanni e Paolo (last Sunday of June) Pupparini a due remi (men) and gondole a un remo (13-18). The rowing  technique with one row is difficult and challenging, and this regatta was created to have young people get fond of rowing. The route: Murano, Fondamenta Nuove, Ponte dei Mendicanti

Regata di Murano (1st Sunday of July). Pupparini a un remo" for women and youngsters 13-18, gondolas "a un remo" for men. The Murano Regatta  is the most difficult regatta because it is reserved to boats with one row (remo). Rowers must be very skilled. The regatta takes place between Murano and Venice, and in the Murano canals. The rowers must wear the traditional shirt with white and blue stripes and blue trousers for men, white shirt and white skirt for women, plus belt and scarf in the colour of their boat. Prizes are in money for the first 9 boats plus special traditional flags (triangle shape) for the first 4 boats of each category (women, giovanissimi, men): red flag (1st), white (2nd), green (3rd) and light blue (4th)

Regata di Malamocco (2nd Sunday of July - Festa della Madonna Marina). Caorline a sei remi (6 rows caorline). Women were admitted to this regatta only in 2002, rowing mascarete with 2 rows.  

Regata del Redentore (3rd Sunday of July). Pupparini a due remi and Gondole a due remi (men), Pupparini a due remi (13-18). The Redeemer regatta is organized to celebrate the Redeemer Feast in July, in the Giudecca Canal, the one between the Zattere and the Giudecca island. It starts and ends in front of the Redeemer church in the Giudecca island.

Regata di Pellestrina (1st Sunday of August). Mascarete a due remi (women), Pupparini a due remi (13-18), Pupparini a due remi (men). The Pellestrina regatta wants to celebrate the religious feast of Madonna dell'Apparizione, along the coast of Pellestrina island. (By the way, great food!)

Regata Storica - Historical regatta (1st Sunday of September): click here


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