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top 10 things to do in venice italy

some must do, and some must nots!

- 1) TAKE PHOTOS IN VENICE & Submit them to the contest: You may win a vacation in Venice!

Have you ever visited Venice, or are you planning to soon? Do not miss the exciting opportunity offered by One Day In Venezia, a very special photo competition for aspiring photographers, awarding monthly winners and a yearly Grand Prize, including a luxury week-end, your solo show in an art gallery in Venezia, and of course a ride in a gondola. The next winner could be you! Taking photos is the first way to get oriented in the city. Do not delay: consider you may not be able to return the same way back to the special spot you are admiring.. and the light might have changes too! Seize the moment, take a picture, make up your visual journal, your memory of Venice.
No matter how good you are at taking pictures: Send best shots from your stay in Venice and be part of the most unique Venice photo contest.
EVERY submitted photo and photographer receives exposure. The yearly Grand Prize includes two days of luxury in Venice with the collaboration of the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hotel, Hotel Metropole in Riva degli Schiavoni, Cipriani Harry's Bar, the Gran Caffè Quadri, Ristorante Da Ivo (George Clooney's favourite restaurant in Venice) and more. Your very own photo show at the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, and a gondola ride. The monthly winners win a group photo show, and more. Entry fee is only 10 ueros for the first photo, 5 euros if you wish to enter more than one.

Give it a try. Register and Submit your best photos of Venice Italy now at, Good Luck!

2) SAVOR THE ARTS - Take a first look at our Itinerary webpage, list of museums. Have a handy map, and mark down the ones of interest in your area. Consider walking distances instead of waterbusses trip.
3) VISIT ST. MARK'S SQUARE AND ITS MAIN MONUMENTS-MUSEUMS: start from there if you are visiting Venice for the first time in your life - Invest a bunch of euros and buy tickets or take a guided tour. Culture is not something you can buy, but at least you will have made out the most of your trip and learnt something. Otherwise, you are just a curious monkey unable to satisfy its curiosity. Do not fuss the locals with questions whose answers yiou can easily read in your own guidebook or the web: people are busy, they are asked for directions all day, and unless they do not work in tourism they have something else to do in their life, and get a living out of their time.
4) A boat trip to the island of BURANO Short on time, and you have already seen the Basilica, the Clocktower? If your schedul allows it set a (abundant) half day to visit Burano and its colorful fishermen houses. Photography lovers wil go crazy for it (see point 1) ) 5) SAVOR - AND RESPECT - THE ITALIAN STYLE - Observe, communicate, and do not be so silly as to "follow old ladies and watch what they are doing" as some blogger suggested in a flash of cheap originality. It's quite questionable and not that respectful. Old ladies (nor anyone else) are neither idiots neither clowns to make fun of: btw they may respond quite rudely, tell you something back you do not even understand, and put you in great embarassement. Do not be that superficial. Do not offend the people you meet: you are travelling, and you are not at the zoo.
In case you are having trouble in understanding, consider this: what if you'd be followed, yourself, and being criticised for your dress, backpack, inability to pronounce a correct word in Italian and to eat spaghetti just with a fork? How would you like it?
Respect, and you'll be respected.
6) ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF WHETHER YOU'D BE HAPPY IF A VISITOR IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY WOULD BEHAVE THE WAY YOU ARE BEHAVING IN VENICE - Venice has toilets and trash bins: find them, if you love the city. And for your ouw self-respect. You are kindly requested to have something at the bar if you are using a bar's toilet: they are not paid to clean total strangers' dirty.
7) TAKE A GONDOLA RIDE - Do not fear to be cheated: gondola ride fees are public and published, ask for the written pricing list if unsure. At present a gondola charges 80 euros per half an hour, with some possible extra for not rounded trips, night tours, special routes and festivities. Please note this price is not per person, but by gondola.
8) Take the chance of a trip to Venice to reconsider your diet, especially if you aer exhibitng a fat belly and an unsure shape. Good food is the key to good health. You may take a class of happy diet combining the Medirterranean diet and recent disconveries. Personalised Service, also online. Contact us for more.
9) TAKE A CULTURE/ART/LANGUAGE CLASS - Contact us for more.
10) GET LOST IN THE STREETS OF VENICE, if you are able too. Be a child guided by its own guts. Explore.

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