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April 20, 2001 - The world of opera mourns the death of the Venetian conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli. The famous musician (he was 54 years old) died on April 20th during the performance of Verdi's Aida in Berlin. Sinopoli was conducting the Deutsche Opera when at 10 pm he had an heart attack and fell off the platform. He was immediately given some oxygen, and taken to hospital. At 11pm the final attempt: a desperate surgical operation. Sinopoli died shortly after midnight.
About Sinopoli


  • Dec. 21. NEWS. Flames, smoke and fear last Monday in a chemical industry in Marghera. Venetians hold their breath, worried by a cloud of black smoke. The flames broke out into a cooling-tower of Crion, a company which produces industrial gases: oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Dec 21. CULTURE. At 8 p.m. St Mark's Church will host the traditional Christmas concert of Teatro La Fenice Orchestra and Choir. The program of the special performance is based on the sacred music trilogy by Hector Berlioz: "L'Enfance du Christ".
  • Dec 21 CURIO. Venice sells the most expensive bread in Italy. In Naples one kilo costs 2,400 lire; in Venice the same bread costs 7,000 lire! And this is the "ordinary" bread: for special breads (e.g. with olives or cereals) you have to pay 12,000 lire.
  • Dec 21. SPORTS: Soccer. Venezia-Sampdoria: 2-2 (goals by Pippo Maniero and Di Napoli). Now the Venetian soccer team directed by Claudio Prandelli is alone at the top of the 2nd division.
  • NEWS. Stores closed, and a demonstration against the high tide problem was held last Thursday in Venice. More than 120 angry shopkeepers have walked with rubber boots.
  • NEWS. By the end of this year a new football stadium will be built near the International Venice Airport in Tessera. It stadium will cost 110 billions Lire; its capacity will be 30.000 seats; the stadium will be completed by 2003, with a moving roofing like the "Amsterdam Arena". Around the Stadium there will be also a hotel, a fitness center, restaurants and pizzerias, stores and cinemas.
  • CULTURE. The new Opera Season of the Theater La Fenice will open on January 26 with "Simon Boccanegra" by Giuseppe Verdi, conducted by Isaac Karabtchevsky. Also in December 2001 there will be a famous opera by the compose from Busseto: "Rigoletto". In February "Madama Butterfly" with Yuri Ahronovitch. In March a homage to Berlioz with a special guest: Fanny Ardant. And then: Mozart, Rossini, Prokofiev, Rameau, Sciarrino and Kagel. This is also the season of the new Malibran Theater: the expected reopening will be on May 26 with a symphonic concert.
  • The soprano Raina Kabaivanska and the theater director Luca Ronconi will be presented with the prize "una vita per la musica" (A lifetime for Music) tomorrow at Teatro Goldoni in Venice (Nov. 20th, 2000)
  • On November 21st Venetians celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of Venice from a virulent plague (1630). The ceremony and the procession are still one of the most characteristic and popular festivals in Venice. In this occasion a special pontoon bridge crosses the Grand Canal connecting the side of San Moisé with the opposite side of the Basilica of the Salute. More info at Traditions . See also our Wines & food page for the "Recipe of the day", which this week is the traditional recipe of "Castradina S'ciavona" prepared for Madonna della Salute feast - for meat eaters only..!
  • CURIO. From 11 p.m until 4 a.m. looking for their hotel! Last week after the dinner in a restaurant two German tourists got lost all the night. They didn't remember the way to their hotel and had no information about the location of the building. Almost at dawn, the exhausted tourists met by chance two policemen. "Never again without a map in Venice!"
  • MAINLAND NEWS. The Italian "Unabomber" who is creating serious troubles to the "Continente" supermarket in the city of Portogruaro. Three of his micro-bombs have been discovered so far: an egg (discovered before exploding); a tomato sauce tube (which hurt a 37-aged housewife's hand); and lately a mayonnaise tube (discovered before being opened). The Italian "Unabomber" is still unknown.
  • High water peak should not repeat tonight: wind ceased and the sun is shining today. But the fury of yeaterday's wind (besides helping the tide coming up faster than usual) has caused several damages in Venice. Last night, the tide was so fast that there was no time to place temporary wooden walks for pedestrians: also an electric black-out forced the city to stop its activity for some hours. (Nov. 7th, 2000)
  • NOVEMBER 6, AT 22:30: HIGH WATER PEAK IN VENICE reached 144 cms. Tide is going down, but "acqua alta" is forecast also for tomorrow
  • NOVEMBER 6, AT 20:30: EXCEPTIONAL HIGH TIDE PEAK IN VENICE: 141 cms. Wind is making the tide raise faster than usual. Tide has not stopped raising yet. Water has covered areas which are rarely touched by "acqua alta". One hour more and the tide should go down. But acqua alta is expected also in next days. See weather forecasts
  • A quintal of stinking dung against the fast food Mc Donald's, last Saturday at 10 a.m. in Venice (by the Rialto Bridge). It was a strong protest for the sake of José Bové, the French leader against the world industrialization (who had destroyed a Mac Donald's in France). The dung was threw over the counter, between hamburgers and ketchup! All the people went out because of stink, immediately. Workers and customers were astonished: it all happened in few seconds. The demonstrative action ended up with a writing on the wall of the fast food: «W Bovè, Praga 2000» (referring to the meeting which will be held on September 26th in Prague).
  • 2000 is the year of the Christian Jubilee and Venice has celebrated this event with special and typical service in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon, after a water pilgrimage from Murano to Torcello. One hundred little ships went from the island of Murano (the "glass island") to the ancient island of Torcello. The Jubilee Mass (on a special, temporary bridge) was officiated by the Patriarch of Venice Marco Cè.
  • Foreign tourists will have wondered what this meant: on Sept 17, 2000 Venice was crowded with people in green shirt, about 25,000 people who joined a peaceful political demonstration in riva dei Sette Martiri; the reason is the annual Venetian meeting of a political party, and the request to transfer more powers and responsibilites (and money) from the central State administration to the regional administrations. A referendum will be organized soon.
  • On sep. 16, a car (which had been stolen in Spain) had been parked in front of the airport entrance. Fearing it could be a bomb-car placed by Eta terrorists, the policemen and the firemen decided for a robot controlled explosion. The car did not contain any bomb. Anyway this caused more than one hour delay to Venice Airport passengers.
  • The international foundation WWF (World Wild Fund) is troubled about Venice. Last week the italian president Fulco Pratesi for this reason said: "It's necessary a special authority for Venice and for its wonderful lagoon. In this way it's possible to start the difficult recovery of the environment". The italian wwf made also a petition on its site. Click
  • In September 2000, seeweeds appeared again in the Venetian Lagoon, not far from the town (S. Spirito island). This seaweed is "Ulva Rigida", gives off a bad smell and it's somehow dangerous because generates a lot of mosquitos. Weather conditions are helping its growth: too much sun and few showers.
  • THE DOUBLE WEDDING. She is Catholic, he is Muslim; theirs is the first "double wedding ceremony" in Venice, with Catholic priest, imam (and City mayor). Anna from Venice and Papa from Senegal married with double rite in San Giovanni Evangelista Church. Congratulations from VeniceWord. The event is important to the Venetian community, not only beacuse it is the first oen of the kind in Venice, buut also because recently an Italian cardinal proposed not to accept immigrants in Italy unless they are Catholic or convert.
  • From September 21 to 24, 2000 in Arsenale there will be an interesting and international market/exhibition of photography. People can buy the photos of important artists. The most important day is Saturday 23 when there will be at the exhibit the philosopher Jean Baudrillard with his works. A special jury will give the "International Photography & Business Award Year 2001".
  • 2000 PREMIO CAMPIELLO - With the novel "La forza del passato" (published by Bompiani), Sandro Veronesi won 38th literary prize Premio Campiello.
  • Sports for all! In the "Play Village" of Jesolo (a little beach village by Venice) last week there was a game of the world "Nec Wheelchair Tennis Tour". The event was called "Jesolo Euro Beach Cup" and had a jackpot of 10.000 Dollars.
  • SPORTS - 30 Italian athlets in the Olimpic Italian team come from Venice, its surroundings and the region of Veneto.
  • SPORTS: Springfield, USA - She is from Lido and studies Engineering in Padua: Elisa Facciotti who won the combinata at Skating World Championship is from Lido. She also won the silver medal at obligatory exercises.
  • 2000 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL- The Golden Lion (First Prize, it's the Italian Oscar) goes to the film "The circle" by the Iranian director Jafar Panahi: a film about today woman's condition in Iran. Coppa Volpi for best actor went to Javier Bardem ("Before Night Falls" by Julian Schnabel); best actress is Rose Byrne ("The goddess of 1967" by Clara Law). Best script for the Italian film "I cento Passi" by Marco Tullio Giordana (among favourites for Goldn Lion). For the other prizes, details, news, "blobbicine" (trailers mixed with real life images) see: Venezia Film Festival
  • The project by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has been accepted by the municipality of Venice. The new bridge over the Grand Canal will be built in the Spring. It will be a modern bridge but with attention to the delicate environment of the city. The project is the news of the day, raising not little curiosity among the citizens.
  • In September, October and November, there will be 9 days of strike for vaporettos, the public transportation system on water. Workers are protesting against new work shifts.
  • In a little town near Venice, a funeral ended in an oddest way. The tomb had just been closed with its stone, when a phone rang from the inside. A grave digger had forgotten his cell phone on the coffin. The tombstone was obviously removed. Now the tomb is resting in peace, we hope.
  • 2000 Historical Regatta was won by the two cousins from Sant'Erasmo (an island of the lagoon) Rudy and Igor Vignotto; they defeated their "eternal rivals" D'Este and Strigheta. Women's regatta was won by Romina Ardit and Anna Mao
  • Tiepolo's painting "La Vergine col bambino" fell down (fortunately without much damage) from the celing of the "Scuola Grande dei Carmini": woodworms gnawed the perimeter of the painting
  • On a solitary beach of the island of Lido, the Alberoni, a big turtle arrived: from the Greek islands, experts say. The turtle is 50 years old and weighs 70 Kg. A rarity for Venetian shores.
  • VENICE FILM FESTIVAL (Aug. 30th - Sept.9th) 1. - Usa Films production decided not to screen its film "The Contenders" at 57th Venice Film Festival. For Biennale president, Baratta, now there's a problem more, and the Festival will start in a short time! (Opening on August 30th). Renounces also from the stars: Jennifer Lopez will not come to Venice, as she has prefered to attend the Mtv Awards in L.A
  • Meanwhile, the movie star Sharon Stone is looking for a house in Venice for the period of the Festival. She wants a wonderful house (a noble palace?) in the center of the city, not in Lido Island.
  • SPORTS - The Venetian rower Marco Ragazzi (18 years old) is the new world champion, in the specialty of single rowing. In the basin of Zagabria, state of Croatia, the athlete dominated the race from the start and won easily.
  • A workshop with Clint Eastwood at Venice Film Festival: on August 31th, a public interview in Sala Perla, Lido di Venezia,. where Eastwood will talk about his career and inspirations.
  • The 20th film for competition at Venice Film Festival (AUG. 8, 2000): ''Platform'' by Chinese Jia Zhang-ke, starring Wang Hong-wei, Zhao Tao e Liang Jing-dong; a co-production Chinese and Japanese, by T-Mark Inc (Takeshi Kitano and Office Kitano productions). Jia Zhang-Ke had directed ''Xiao Wu'' (''Pickpocket'') in 1997, his first movie.
  • Also top model Claudia Schiffer expected at Venice Film Festival (AUG. 8, 2000)
  • In the area of "Zattere", Venice Municipality is experimenting the new mooring piles (called "brìcole" in Venetian dialect) made from plastic instead of the traditional oak wood. The old ones are much expensive, said the Municipality. But the Supervisor of artistic heritage does not agree at all. Also Venetian people want to keep the typical piles in wood: "Our city is real, not in plastic as the Las Vegas copy!"
  • Three Casinos are too many in the same city according to Italian regulation (which allows only few cities to open casinos): so during the summertime the Municipality will open the casino palace in Lido and in wintertime the one along Grand Canal (Ca' Vendramin Calergi).
  • The problem of Torcello Island comes to Parliament. In fact the Minister Nerio Nesi has asked a special committee of experts to value the repairs. The story goes on. It all began few weeks ago, when in the famous old island on the lagoon a project for coast repairing included materials such as cement and steel, which would completely spoil the environment. Abouit Torcello
  • VENICE FILM FESTIVAL NEWS - Last Friday in Rome was announced the program of the 57th edition of the Venice Film Festival that will be held in Lido from August 30 to September 9. Sharon Stone and Clint Eastwood will be in Venice for the first day of the Festival; a lot of movie stars will come in Lido: Richard Gere for his "Dr T. and the women" directed by Robert Altman, Johnny Depp starring in two movies ("The man who cried" and "Before night falls"), Harrison Ford, Hugh Grant, Michelle Pfeiffer, Liv Tyler and probably Jennifer Lopez. The program and further info
  • A big, international sculpture exhibition will be held in Lido during the Film Festival: "Open 2000". 38 sculptors will show their works in the open air in several locations in Lido. The island will become a big open exhibition, from "Gran Viale" to "Lungomare Marconi" and also in some hotels, such as the Des Bains and the Excelsior.
  • Foreigners who live in Italy are increasing (+ 13,8% since last year according to Istat, national institute for statistics). They were 1.270.553 in January 2000; their number is now 2,2% of total Italian population (they were 1,9% in January 1999). Foreigner teen-agers are +23% (because of births and families reaching their relatives, often immigrated to Italy to find employment). Italy is getting used to multi-ethnic society. It is amazing to think that less than a century ago some Italian regions were land of emigration towards foreign countries or towards industrialized areas in North-western Italy.
  • Joerg Haider in Venice on Saturday July 22nd: the Austrian leader, governor of Carinthia, was at Hotel Europa e Regina to promote the tourism in his region. Protests against him, accused of xenophobia and racism, were held in front of the hotel; a red bunch of roses in the Ghetto of Venice to commemorate the victims of Holocaust. But the mayor of Jesolo (a few kms. from Venice) Renato Martin defends Haider, and presented him the keys of his city: "He is not anti-democratic; he was elected democratically; and Jesolo is friend of all people in the world", the mayor says. And Austria, together with Germany, is Jesolo beach's first market.
  • The Minister of Transportation Mr Nesi brings in again the idea of the "Entry Ticket" for Venice, as the city is "a big museum", in his opinion. But the Venice Municipality doesn't agree with tickets for the tourists, and re-launches a project called Venice Card to check the tourist flows: different tickets for services for residents and non-residents.
  • It was a strange Redentore Festival, two Saturdays ago: cold and rain as in Autumn. The temperature falled to 16°C., but a lot of boats filled in St. Mark's Basin all the same. Also the fireworks were... "regular": afterwards, everybody went home without enjoying the traditional swimming in Lido!
  • The most important Venetian bank (Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia) has bought last week the famous building in Giudecca Island called "Casa dei tre Oci" (by the youth hostel). It will become a big cultural center.
  • VENICE FILM FESTIVAL NEWS - The famous american actress Sharon Stone will be in Lido at the "Mostra del cinema". She will present the Golden Lion to Clint Eastwood on August 30! The Biennale has communicated also the names of the judges. The president will be the director Milos Forman, the others are: Claude Chabrol, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Andreas Kilb, Samira Makhmalbaf and Jennifer Jason-Leigh. See:
  • On August 4 in the Hotel Des Bains in Lido there will be a big American Party dedicated to the cartoons. The Disney characters and the Simpson will cheer up the people with their funny scenes and also with typical American food.
  • Last week some strange thieves has gone into the Golf Club Venezia in the Lido Island. The haul? No money or expensive club: only... 176 kilos of ham!
  • Davis Cup in Mestre, Venice: Sanguinetti loses after 5 sets, and Italian team is in B series. Spain is in the final, after 33 years.
  • Did you plan to visit the archaeological site in Pompei (Naples) during your staying in Italy? We inform you that they will be closed (again) on July 26, 2000, because of a strike.
  • From Norway the new plan to shelter Venice from high waters: the moving dams, like the ones in Rotterdam port. But the plan is very expensive, the municipality should be find a big sponsor.
  • Venice municipality proposes new speed limits to boats in the lagoon for the dangerous movements of the waters: only 8 kilometres per hour
  • Its name is Minnie the Moocher, it's 4 years old and it's the "most beautiful dog in the world". The Venetian dog (it lives in Chioggia) is an America Staffordshire Terrier and just won an international beauty contest....
  • Venice is also the dark city of the mystery. Last week a Venetian writer, Alberto Toso Fei (he lives in Murano island) has published his new book: "Leggende veneziane e storie di fantasmi" (Venetian Legends and phantoms stories), inside we can find a strange Venice by night.
  • July 15, Saturday, the best summer festival in Venice, the famous festival of the Redentore: fireworks over the lagoon, and typical dishes for the longest night of the summer! See:Redentore
  • The Lido airport (called "Nicelli") will become a Third Level airport: the 10% of the International flights (especially Charter) will land straight in Lido island, in the middle of the lagoon! Some investments and restoration are necessary; at the moment, flights from Germany and Austria are already landing.
  • The movements of the waters caused by motorboats endanger the two wonderful towers in St George, the island in front of St. Mark square: the foundations are corrosed now!
    click for info about Isle of S.Giorgio
  • The Ducal Palace is "new"! The long repairs ( rom "Porta della Carta" to "Scala dei Giganti") are finally finished, and the building returns with the original and vivid colours of the 15th century.
  • The son of the famous actor Anthony Quinn likes fast cars. Danny Quinn was stopped by the police in the super-highway Venice-Trieste: he was driving his Mercedes 500 at 190 kilometres per hour!! Speed limit on Italian highways is 130.
  • Disgraceful repairs in Torcello, the famous old island on the lagoon. The coasts will be repaired with cement and steel! Venetian citizens and the historians protest: "We must defend the environment!". See: Itineraries
  • June 18, Sunday, Venice celebrates the European Festival of Music with Venezia suona: 4000 musicians in 300 differents venues, including courtyards and squares, will transform the city into an enormous auditorium! See also:other concerts
  • Fifty sailing boats on June 18 will arrive to the Venice's lagoon for the Cooking Cup, an original Cooking-regatta: the skippers must also to cook a special dish during the race! see also: traditional regattas
  • From June 8 to 12, in Lido: the festival Sea and Fashion: parades, stylist shows and dinner parties. This is kind of a test for upcoming Venice Film Festival (August 30-Sept.9).
  • On Thursday, June 15 the first Warner Bros Village will open in Venice. Also films in English!
  • A new bridge on the Grand Canal. It will connect Piazzale Roma (autopark) and Railway station. Starting this autumn.
  • VENICE CASINO - Venice has now two summer casinos: too many according to regulations. Which one will be closing? The new and big one (Ca' Noghera) near the Airport or the old palace in Lido Island? Probably the first one.
  • "Strike" in the Grand Canal. On May 14th, the Vogalonga (non competitive 30 Km rowing race) stopped for 15 minutes: a symbolic strike against the movements of the waters and the trafic. All the 5000 and more boats stayed still and silent in the Pool of St.Mark in front of the Ducal Palace
  • Biennale - Music Section - : great success for the first performances. At Palazzo Labia, Music for Toys (John Cage and Leopold Mozart) May 10. On June 2nd the Theatre Section begins. At Teatro Arsenale, Claudio Morganti will be on the scene with Richard III, by Shakespeare.
  • EXHIBITIONS - Still two weeks for "Amazons of the Avant-garde" at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection: until Sunday 28 May! An unprecedented survey of modern Russian art.
  • SPORTS - Davis Cup in Venice. The tennis match between Italy and Belgium will be played in the Green Garden Tennis Club from July 21 to 23. The Davis Cup come back in Venice 26 years later. In 1974 the "azzurri" played vs the Romania (Tiriac and Nastase were the single player) and won.
  • all the programme of international live performances (directed by Bruno Canino, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Carolyn Carlson).
  • Airport luggage robbers gang arrested. The gang of thieves who had been robbing several precious items has been arrested at Venice Airport: 15 people have been fired by the Airport management.
  • Biennale di Venezia 2000, from May 3 to Oct. 1st: Music, Theatre, Dance. Memory will be the main theme. 'Otello' (Eimuntas Nekrosius), 'Richard III' (Claudio Morganti), 'Karamazov Brothers' (Krystian Lupa and Stary Teatr of Krakow), 'L'isola di Alcina' (Marco Martinelli).
  • An hovercraft transport service in the lagoon? The idea has been launched by Actv (local transports company), considering to buy 2 Griffon 3000, 65 kms per hour speed, 40 passengers. May be used to connect Venice and its airport (March 21)
  • No "Jubilee syndrome" in Venice. Just a +10% arrivals expected (March 15)
  • Ornella Vanoni will be Venice Carnival's Queen. The popular Italian singer lives in Venice most time of the year (February 17)
  • Boscolo Tours buys Italian Tour operator Rallo Viaggi (February 16)
  • Venice Carnival news: singer Romina Power (American actors Tyrone Power's and Linda Christian's daughter) maybe Venice Carnival's Queen. She has been living in Italy for long time. She had been singing in couple with her former husband Al Bano (January 13)
  • The Italian soccer referee Luigi Agnolin is the new managing director of Venezia Calcio (January 13)
  • The first waitress in St.Mark's square cafes A tradition is broken for service at the square's tables: she is a blonde girl from Croatia. At Café Aurora (January 10)
  • A new cruise ship built in Fincantieri shipyards Its name is Amsterdam, for Carnival Corporation; 60,000 tons, 690 cabins, 1800 passengers (640 crew) (January 5)
  • A videocameras system will control Venice's streets by Easter 2000 It is expected to be the most crowded period for attending Jubilee celebrations in Venice (January 4)
  • Millennium Bug: troubles in Venice Tribunal Unrealistic trial dates appear on computer screens (January 4)
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