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current and upcoming events in venice

Here is some information about things to do in Venice during your staying (apart from sightseeing and strolling in the city, shopping, feeding pigeons in St.Mark's Square, daydreaming, riding on a gondola... maybe falling in love!)

Winter time in Venice may be peaceful or witty, depending on your mood, and the period... The wind may turn chilly some days, and the tide may rise from time to time... but Carnival is at the door! and all you'll want is to experience Venice the way you've always dreamt of.
The Carnival celebrations and shows will be spread all over the city historical center and the mainland (Mestre and Marghera) as well. .



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And when planning your journey to Venice, don't forget to take a look at our Annual calendar of the not-to-miss Venice main events and holidays.

New events: upcoming in database.

When possible, we highlight special activities for kids: as a matter of fact, nearly all activities can be shared with the family, depending on the age of the kids and on the difficulty of cultural event or duration of walk (you wouldn't oblige a toddler to follow you for one whole day at the Louvre Museum in Paris... The same is in Venice: information and savvy planning can save you hard times). Everything can be done in steps.

Feeding the pigeons is one of favourite activities of children - only in rare cases they are scared of the animals. (btw: Venetian pigeons are not scared of humans at all!) A long controversy about pigeons took place in Venice: when many birds had been found ill, feeding them and even selling corn for pigeons was prohibited. At the moment no peril is seen, and the birds are regularly invading St.Mark's Square of the joy of children and photographers. It is a good idea to wash hands after being in contact with them, and be careful they do not dirt or touch the kids' eyes.
Specific activities for children are usually seen during Carnival; such events are rare in other times of the year

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