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The best Hotels in Venice Lido

Villa Mabapa This is a cute hotel indeed: if you speak to the owner ("locals in the know" know it :-) and inquire about the name of his hotel, he will explain that Villa Mabapa stands for Villa Mamma Bambino e PapÓ, meaning Mom Child and Daddy (funny name, I agree with you) standing for their care for the well-being of their guests. I have to say that whenever I visited the hotel, I expected herds of screaming kids... No. On the contrary, I saw a quite villa, a garden and an aperitif with piano music, happy couples of all ages. And some kids. The Hotels is located on the border of the lagoon of Venice, facing St.Mark's Square: this means you'll need to take a boat (vaporetto) to get to Venice, 10 minutes and you'll be there. On you side, the view, the Lido beaches another 15 minutes walk, the proximity to Venice which mixes with the little known charme of the Lido. Good hotel restaurant.
Remember to book well on time for Venice Film Festival (end of August, early September ).
See pictures and Book now Villa Mabapa

Hotel Panorama - Located at Venice Lido, in front of the beautiful Venetian lagoon. The hotel is only a short walk to the beach, where you can stroll, have a swim or partake of the luxury of the Lido's legendary and exclusive private beaches. 23 bright and comfortable rooms that are well furnished and equipped with standard amenities. Panoramic restaurant terrace, with view over the Island of San Giorgio, the Doge's Palace and the Riva degli Schiavoni.
See pictures and Book now Hotel Panorama

Hungaria Palace - 4 star hotel - Recently renovated, and since recent years also open in some periods during the wintertime, Hotel Hungaria palace is a stylish Belle Epoque style hotel. The property was built in 1905, soon after Lido began to be recognised as a sophisticated holiday destination, and in 1914 its delightful Neo-renaissance facade was embellished with majolica polychrome. Convenient location for the fans of Venice Film Festival, not far from the cinema halls yet not positioned in the very center of the festival madness. See pictures and Book now Hotel Hungaria Palace

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