sleeping beauty Venice decides it's time to protect her image with a trademark. and make money out of it ?????!!!
NEWS!: The Venetians don't like it but now it's the symbol of their city. On February 14th the Mayor of Venice, Mr Paolo Costa, has presented the official trademark to the President of Italian Republic, Mr Carlo Azeglio Ciampi: it's a sort of lion-man with an only wing and a big letter in the background, the "V" of Venice. So this unbelievably cemeterial icon will be our logo. The logo of a dead city? Who designed it? Initially there was the idea of a great world tender (addressed to communication firms) but at last the Venice logo has been made by a graphic designer from Paris, France: Monsieur Thibaut Mathieu that has been chosen by Philippe Starck, a famous French architect and friend of Mayor Costa's. After much research, we discovered a considerable number of trademarks currently on the market in which Venice is improperly mentioned" said the Mayor, and for this reason "we decided to create an official trademark to be known all over the world protecting and enhancing the image of Venice. With this project we have creatively tried to organise all the activities related to the protection and enhancement of the unique historical and artistic heritage of our town". Do the Venetians dislike the trademark? Maybe this isn't a problem for the Municipality because the lion-man needs only to do business: "Our intention is to grant a licence so that the trademark is correctly applied to products, events and services that have a high standard of quality - said Costa - and make their consumers feel to be taking part in the Venice heritage protection activities". With the quality trademark the Municipality will receive a lot of money. So, they say. Thank you. We wonder how a one-winged lion could fly.

The poll is closed: see the results histogram here. For those of you who fight with the Italian language - as much as we fight with English - here is it:
Mi piace molto = I like it very much: 13.6 %
Mi piace abbastanza = I like it so-and-so: 15.6 %
Mi piace poco = I do not like it much: 21.4 %
Non mi piace per niente = I do not like it at all: 49.3 %

COMMENTS FROM OUR READERS: And here follow some fresh comments from our readers:

Hello Dear Sirs from Venice Word. When I saw for the first time news about the project of the new Venice logo, I asked myself: Why they donīt choose the easiest, less expensive, beautier, and most traditional logo yet created for the city? It would be much more simple and did not require any investments if they had adopted the logo that was the traditional Gonfalon (Leone Marciano), the Golden Winged Lion on a red background wich Venice was everywhere and everytime knew until 1797. People from all over the world would recognize on it the very symbol of Venice city. But Sindaco Costa probably thinks it is an old and forgoten symbol, inadequated to the modern and business-full city of Venice... Venice city has ever had better leaders in the past... Just realize the great Venetian sea floot comanded by Costa fighting the Otoman ships on the Lepanto Battle (with flags displaying the new logo, of course...) The western world certainly would be speaking arab nowadays... EVVIVA SAN MARCO!
Ivan We saw the logo, what an eye sore! It will not do. Will this be discarded and another one sought after? Does Venice really need a logo? I hope not since it just may end up being associated with a symbol/drawing not the rich history and physical uniqueness it possesses. All the best
Suzanne and John

I feel that you should have had a contest that allowed individual lovers of the Venice to submit there own ideas of what the Venice Logo should have looked like. I dont like the new logo besides I feel that an Italian or a person with Italian hertitage should have designed the Logo. As an American with strong ties to the mother land, I feel that people will take offense to this. I am sure there is plenty of Italians who were more then qualified to have handled this task. From experience I know that the Italians are a people who stick together as one big familia. As we let others become increasigly involved in the Italian Vita we will slowly deteriate are hertage that as taken are ancestors so long to create. I believe to have to feel it in your heart live and breath the Italian way.
(from Michael)

(Title: Venice Defamed) The new "trademark" could only have been designed by a Frenchman (still angry that an Italian, Catherine de Medici, is responsible for teaching the French how to cook). No Italian, and certainly no Venetian, could possibly see the timeless beauty of their city reflected in the grotesque caricature that Mayor Costa has adopted. With so many visual inspirations -- from the prow of a gondola to the arc of a bridge to the trappings of carnival -- there is no lack of possibilities. Far better possibilities. To steal a slogan from America, "Just say no." If nobody uses the symbol, it may -- with luck -- vanish through disuse.
( from P.)

archive: On July 26th the Venice Mayor, Mr Paolo Costa, announced he had decided to create an official trademark for Venice to be known all over the world. "We'll present it in New York on December 19th". And so? The great world tender (a publicity stunt?) for the creation of this logo is over: no good ideas and most of all a poor figure for the Mayor. Now Mr Costa has decided to collaborate with Philippe Starck, a famous designer. In this way the popular solution of the tender is definetely failed and the logo is put off.
The closing terms for partecipating have closed. and now Venice is beginning its own "marketing campaign" of the future brand: the project has just been introduced in Japan in a press conference. Design and brand firms from all ovber the world asked to partecipate to the contest for a new (the first) Venice logo, a quality brand.

"We've decided to create an official trademark to be known all over the world protecting and enhancing the image of Venice. With this project we have creatively tried to organise all the activities related to the protection and enhancement of the unique historical and artistic heritage of our town" said Paolo Costa, Mayor of Venice, on July 26th. And then Venice at last will have its official trademark. Just like New York in 1977, now one of the most important city of the world will be defended from the fake trademarks (there are lots of them in the international market) that use the city only for business purposes. "A copyright allows artistic towns to renew their image and promote the protection of their works of art traditions and people" said again the Mayor of Venice. "There are only a few examples of this all over the world. There is no doubt that the trademark - I Love New York - which allowed the American city to create a strong image known all over the world and protect its products and services, is the closest example". But how this Venice's trademark will be created, and who realize it? The solution is very popular: a great world tender! Tenderers are asked to submit a logo together with a marketing and communication plan to position the trademark correctly on the global markets and a strategic plan to publicise and market it and to organise its licensing activities. The promotional activities of the project will start in Venice 6 September, 2002 with a press conference to be held during the Architecture Biennale called this year 'Next' and will continue with a road-show stopping in some of the most important cities in the world, including Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. It will end in December in New York where the winning logo will be presented.

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